Brand Identity

FennelKate is a lifestyle brand concept based on my love for fennel, a delicate and versatile vegetable. Assets include two logo designs, one with a text focus and the other one image-centric, packaging design based on the logos, and an original pattern with associated products. This project is meant to be playful and fun. Simplicity and a clear color profile were especially important to me when developing this project.

Text-Based Logo

Image-Based Logo

Package Design

I imagine making fennel-infused products, such a sauerkraut, jam, and spice blends, and packaging them in the jars below. Products could be packed-up in the associated tote bag, which features the image-based logo.

Brown Jar

Glass Jar


Pattern Design

This pattern design is meant to serve as a unique accompaniment to the logos. It incorporates a unique color scheme, which complements the logo colors well. The pattern is meant to be placed on a white background. The pattern could be applied to a variety of products, including textiles and plastics.


Reusable Bag

Social Media

Social media mock-ups provide an opportunity to integrate brand identity with original photography.

Instagram Profile

Using Format